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AQUATOPIX is a moisturizing (face-body) cream with regenerating and mild anti-inflammatory action.


Panthenol Moisturizing / Regenerating / Mild anti-inflammatory action

Chamomile ext.  a-Bisabolol

Mild anti-inflammatory action
Allantoin Regenerating action

AQUATOPIX cream contains Panthenol (provitamin B5), which enhances the regeneration and care of irritated and sensitive skin.

AQUATOPIX cream contains chamomile extract and a-Bisabolol. Clinical studies have clearly demonstrated the efficacy and therapeutic safety of chamomile extract in addressing inflammatory skin conditions.

AQUATOPIX cream contains Allantoin which accelerates cell regeneration and promotes wound healing.

AQUATOPIX, a moisturizing cream with regenerating and calming action for the daily care of the face and body, is recommended for the management of mild skin irritations, as well as for dry skin conditions, as found in: Sun Burn, mild burn, aging skin, chapped hands, dry skin(due to wind, cold, etc), diaper rash, irritation after shaving, irritation after laser depilation, etc.

AQUATOPIX cream is suitable for all skin types.

AQUATOPIX cream is applied on the affected area using gentle massage, until it is fully absorbed. Use 2-3 times.

For better results, it should be applied immediately after (within 3 minutes) a bath / shower.

It is quickly absorbed without leaving any trace of oiliness on the skin.

AQUATOPIX cream is available in plastic tubes of 150ml.

For external use.

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