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All of us at CHEIRON PHARMA are proud of our company being so uniquely differentiated from all other companies in the field of dermatology.

Since its foundation in 2005, the company has been constantly gaining distinctions for its contributions to the medical community with the launch of a novel innovative and effective "corneotherapy" product line.

During these years we had good ideas taken by our competitors and used as their own!! But that only CONFIRMS which ideas are good - and that we are INNOVATORS IN OUR FIELD !!!

Newly set up CHEIRON PHARMA launches LACUREX ointment, for the treatment of moderate xerosis (dry skin) and hyperkeratosis. LACUREX ointment is the first product in the world to combine high urea and ammonium lactate concentrations, with mild anti-inflammatory effects in the absence of corticosteroids.

Launching of PRUZAX cream for symptomatic relief of pruritus of any cause. It is the only product in the Greek market and the second in the global market rich in polidocanol. It is also the only product in the global market that does not combine polidocanol with urea, making it safe for use in children under 3 years old. Four months following the launch of PRUZAX cream, the European Academy of Allergology and American Academy of Allergy - in a review article published in the Medical Journal "Allergy" (2006:61:969-987) - recommend polidocanol based products, such as PRUZAX cream, as the first step in the management of pruritus in atopic dermatitis.

Launching of SYNUROX cream for: a) Adjunctive to antifungal medicines for optimal treatment of hyperkeratotic type tinea pedis, b) Management of diabetic xerosis. SYNUROX cream appear to be particularly suitable for removal and prevention of xerosis and callus, leading to reduced plantar pressures and aiding the prevention of diabetic foot ulcers. At the same time protects the feet skin against dermatophytes (fungi). SYNUROX is the only cream in the global market to combine high urea concentrations with Piroctone Olamine (Octopirox). CHEIRON PHARMA, for the first time, regroups and submits to Greek physicians all the corpus of medical literature related to urea's antifungal properties.

Launching of URONYX nail gel, a keratolytic nail gel. In Europe it is the only product for onychodystrophy of its kind to contain high levels of urea while providing an accurate, innovative and easy to use application system. (In 2009 appeared in Europe the second product)

Launching of RAXAL cream for the management of severe hyperkeratotic conditions (i.e. psoriasis). RAXAL cream is the only product in the global market which combine high levels of urea, ammonium lactate and salicylic acid. Its efficacy made an excellent impression to the medical community in Greece from the very first moment.

RAXAL Scalp Foam. Launching of a unique combination of high urea concentrations, lactic acid and Octopirox in a foam base for the management of hyperkeratosis of the scalp (i.e. psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis).

RAXAL Shampoo. An innovative keratoregulatory conditioning shampoo with antifungal properties. It is the only shampoo to combine urea, lactic acid, salicylic acid and octopirox. RAXAL Shampoo has a synergic effect with RAXAL Scalp, as well as with other medicines. However it may also be used separately as an anti-dandruff shampoo with excellent results.

7 unique and innovative products in only 4 years of presence in the market.

We are unique and will continue this way.

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